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  • I live in Somewhere in Florida where Florida Man hangs out.
  • My occupation is Drawer for hire
  • I am [Redacted]
  • Unethical User

    Dear Ethical Doge

    December 23, 2014 by Unethical User

    Fuck you

    -Sincerely Unethical_User

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  • Unethical User

    Founder of the new underdog news tabloid service, Trollbloid, is looking for people to be admins. "I fucking suck at web design" says Trollbloid writer Unethical_User, "I need someone who can actually make templates without fucking up and provide ideas for the direction of this new page".  The release dated has yet to be confirmed as the new wikia page is still under construction. The location of this place for those interested is in . "Hopefully we can do reviews of famous or infamous Trollpasta's as well as cover interesting news on the Trollpasta page's happenings with interviews and everything".

    Go to Mr. User's talk page for more information Unethical User (talk) 22:00, Decem…

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  • Unethical User

    I can make shit drawings of whatever page you want. It can be MS paint or pencil. An example of my mastery is Cringe Trigger Pony Adventure, Dawg. I work for free (IKR? why not pay me like a million by working in Disney ((although now that channel is for fgt tweens)) but since I'm a cartoonist Jesus it is free of charge) so ask me in the talk page if you want some spoopy or hirlarious imagery.

    EDIT: I CAN draw OCs for people but I am a legendary procrastinator so either make it so that Ican  put less effort with quicker release or more effort but a decade into waiting for that damn picture.

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