Duke Nukem 3D, It's a name you'll really never forget. Duke Nukem 3D Is an game made by the legendry 3D Realms. And Is one of the most popular FPS to this day, Including DOOM and such. Duke3D was realeased In 1996, and was one of the 3 build engine games, the first actually. Might as well add some history to how Duke got well known from this masterpeice. First, there was Duke Nukem, It came out In 1991, pretty much the same year as Sonic The Hedgehog (yes, I had to mention Sonic The Hedgehog). And then, Duke Nukem II, the first to bring ailens In the scene. Duke went from kid friendly to the macho man and chick magnet we know today. The beta versions was to be a DOOM like rip-off with a silent protangist, and this beta Is called "Lame-Duke". The story Is, that when you defeated the ailens after Duke Nukem II, another ailen race has started to attack earth once again, causing destruction In LA, and turning the LAPD Into ugly and mutated Pigcops. Duke was flying In an space craft, untill he got hit and than he ejected out of his seat, and onto a roof. And, the first level begins, with Duke saying. "Damn, those ailen bastards are gonna pay for shooting up my ride."

Duke3D has some Interactivity In It, you can even tip strippers! This game even stirred up some controversy Itself, parents and Christains getting angry at the adult content the game has. The jokes are rather clever for It's time actually. You might get a few or more laughs from It. For expamle: "Hmm, have no time to play with myself." and Duke says that to an Duke Nukem II arcade machine. Though, you guys, and me, wish DNF had this much cleverness. But, Oh Well, Right? There Is about 4 episodes (3 In the 1.3d version), L.A. Meltdown, Lunar Apocalypse, Shrapnel City, and The Birth. And each episode continues the story. The game also got some expansion packs, like Duke Carribean: Life's a Beach, Duke: Nuclear Winter, and Duke It Out In D.C., Nuclear Winter has to be my least favorite, as there Isn't really no changes, and half of the levels are just copied from the first episode, just backwards and some changes here and there. It Is my least favorite, and other two are pretty damn good.

This Is the end of the review, and what do I give Duke Nukem 3D? A 10/10! It deserves It, and even though Quake beated It with graphics, It's still one of the bestest FPS around. I totally recommend It!

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