No More Heroes for the Wii and PS3 are very fun.

You take control of the stereotypical otaku Travis Touchdown, and your objective is to become the Rank 1 assassin so you can get laid (yes, i'm serious) by Sylvia Christel, who is the leader of the United Assassins Association.

You fight 10 bosses.

10. Death Metal

9. Dr. Peace

8. Shinobu

7. Destroyman

6. Holly Summers

5. Letz Shake

4. Harvey Moiseiwitch Volodarskii

3. Speedbuster

2. Bad Girl

1. Dark Star

You have access to four "Beam Katanas" (basically a lightsaber rip-off) in the Wii version. The Blood Berry, the Tsubaki (basically a less crappy version of the Blood Berry), the Tsubaki Mk. II (basically 5 lightsabers in one), and the Tsubaki Mk. III (which can be upgraded to have infinite battery).

In the PS3 version, you have access to multiple, but only with some (very cheap) DLC. Also, the PS3 is better in pretty much every way.

With the exception of the Upgraded Tsubaki Mk. III, every Beam Katana has limited battery. They can be recharged either by finding batteries, or you can manually recharge it by jerking it off (yes i'm still serious).

If you empty your enemy's health bar, you can perform a quick time event to kill them. The Tsubaki Mk. III has it's own unique kill animations, which are awesome ones.

You can also stun enemies and suplex them, and the game has lots of suplexes.

The game is very fun, and I recommend it to anyone that loves action, hilarious shit, or is a very, very, bloodthirsty person (seriously it looks like if Quentin Tarantino made a video game).

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