Greetings from Bandai Namco! I'm very aware all of you are excited for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U! During a meting in Japan about the game, I have obtained some information about the game.

Let's start off:

Confirmed Content

  • R.O.B is returning with very little changes
  • Ike is returning, with a slightly updated look
  • Pokemon Trainer is returning with his Pokemon from Brawl
  • Wario is returning with no changes
  • Mr. Game & Watch is back, and remains the same
  • Meta Knight has received a few changes due to balancing
  • Lucas is returning with a few changes. Though, Sakurai wasn't specific on what the changes would be
  • Yoshi is back, of course
  • The Ice Climbers are no longer paired together due to limitations of the Nintendo 3DS. The Ice Climbers have been renamed to "Ice Climber"
  • Ness is returning
  • Falco is returning with very small changes
  • Gannondorf is back and plays similar to Captain Falcon, with some changes
  • Home-Run Contest is a returning mode
  • Boss Battles mode is returning. Sakurai told me a Kid Icarus boss and a Metroid boss would be in the mode
  • The Adventure mode will be in between The Subspace Emissary and the Adventure mode from Melee in terms of gameplay


These characters have been disconfirmed by Sakurai. In other words; I asked him if these characters were in the game, but he denied them.

  • Chrom is not playable
  • King K. Rool is not playable
  • Ridley is not playable*
  • Dixie Kong is not playable
  • Waluigi is not playable**
  • Bowser Jr. is not playable**
  • Pac-Man was considered at one point, but Sakurai didn't want to go "overboard" with third-party characters
  • Snake isn't playable due to Sakurai's lack of interest of having him back
  • Wolf is not returning, due to Sakurai thinking he was a "waste of resource, and not worth the time developing for."

* means is a stage hazard. ** means is an assist trophy.


  • I forgot to ask Sakurai if Sheik and Zero Suit Samus was returning
  • Sakurai made no comment when I asked if Captain Falcon and Jigglypuff would be returning, which most likely means they're cut. But I could be wrong
  • I didn't ask Sakurai if Break the Targets!! mode was returning, due to me being in a hurry


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