This movie so overrated... I'm sick of EVERYONE saying "omg! dis has 2 be da best movie evur!!!". If you HONESTLY think that's the best movie ever, you have NO TASTE in movies what so ever.

The movie has a very very cliche setting, and there is more cliche moments sprinkled around the film. I didn't find this to be a great film, The story could have been better, its very cliche and generic, and the only interesting thing about the film, was that the ponies were humans.

It  may sound like an extremely bad movie, but its not. I found it to be enjoyable, and overall it was at least decent. I only recommend watching if you're really boerd or something. Bottom line, there are better things to watch besides Equestria Girls. I would give the movie a 6 or 7 out a 10.

Leave your thoughts in the comments please.

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