I've been playing flash games on lately. But when I got on just now, I saw this game called "Dungeon Warfare" and I was like, "hmm, sounds cool" then, when the page was finished, it required me to download the most extreme and intensly cursed thing on the internet. The Unity Engine. If you don't know, all throughout my life, even as early as 8 years old, each download link for Unity was a trap. It ALWAYS lead to a malfunction with the computer. The thing probably runs on chaos alone! For those of you who actually have the ability to use and control the Unity demon, I have one thing to ask, WHO IS YOUR SUPPLIER?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?! Also, if you're wondering what my obsession with spaghetti comes from, it's from  Tomodachi Life. I have a character named Man who only knows of spaghetti.

Until the next one, Aris is out!

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