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The Life of Tony and Abby
Tony and Abby


Tony Wang
Abby Abbott


Oogie vs Jack



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The Life of Tony and Abby is a series of an alien and a women.

History/DevelopmentEdit Bit

The Owner of the characters (Oogie vs Jack) thought of something old and domain. After he watched the 2005 YouTube Video "Doc and Mharti", the creator thought of creating his 2014 versions and Blue Guy and Wendy and calls them "Tony & Abby".

Tony was a very nerdy and nervous, and Abby was a scientist and sometimes over-thinks.

However, it was quickly banned because of it's similarities and makes bit less adultly (but still languages.)

EpisodesEdit Bit

  • Season 1
Tony and Abby: Episode 1
Tony and Abby: Episode 2
Tony and Abby: Episode 3
Tony and Abby: Episode 4

TriviaEdit Bit

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