Shrek was in his house, he  saw fiona and his ogre bebiz, then he said 'ONIONS HAVE LAYERS, BULLETS HAVE LAYERS" Then He Shoots fiona, burns down his house, and goes bankrupt, then he finds a computer and some magical way, he becomes admin (They dont let GOOD people become admins do they) Then he see's donkey on the have fun wikia, and then he pm's him, "TOO BAD LADDY" Then he bans donkey, donkey is mad of this and gets a 44. magnum, then he kills shrek, shrek comes back to life and kills, superplankofdeath,godzillafan1,someguy123,sonicfanforever,fatal, everybody else, then donkey uses the super jam slam on shrek, shrek kills dankey with a shrexbox 360, shrek then shoots farquaad and gingy for no reason whatsoever, THE ENDU

Your Face After Reading This, And My New Profile pic

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