One time I was on the toilet and I pooped gloriously. I looked in the toilet bowl, and there was a casette tape labeled ONLYONMONDAYS.EXE.

I put the casette tape in my computre and fell asleep. I had a horrible dream.

I was in school, but it was monday. and there was an exame I didn`t study for. As I approached the clasroom, suddenly an atomic bomb leaped out of nowhere and tried to burrow into my ass. I quickly filed a restraining order, WITH BULLETS!

So as I was escaping the flock of Dildo Birds going my way (Dammit I thought they were extinct), I decided that I should probably go get that fucking exam done. I walked in the class, and everyone was dead. The teacher was actually Fatal Disease. The Atomic Bomb was Superplankofdeath. And my penis was a tyrannosaurus rex.

I woke up, and I was scared. Then I found out my penis was a tyrannosaurus rex. But it was a cheap ass little one, and it couldn`t kill anybody on command. So remember, don`t put a casette tape in your computre.

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