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REGGIE IS GIYGAS Earthbound was not delayed because of copyright reasons like most people believe. Reggie held back this game intentionally and blamed it on copyright reasons!

"Yeah, I mean, they're taking the original game and putting it on Wii U," Trinen said.


Buzz Buzz said that the world is devastated ten years in the future. EarthBound came out in 1994. Reggie became President of NoA in 2004.

Just a few days after this video, Shigeru Miyamoto said that he would be resigning as the CEO of Nintendo of Japan, Nintendo later said that it was a mis-translation and he would not be stepping down. Miyamoto later said this:

"We have to construct the structure so that the organization so that it can make it without me.

"I should also admit that it might be better without me; I mean that a different approach and different talent might emerge..."

According to a Nintendo representative, Miyamoto will be focusing more of his attention on training younger developers. This will result in him "reducing his involvement" on game development, but he will still focus in on major titles. Miyamoto is not leaving his current post as the director and manager of EAD.

My theory is that Reggie (Giygas) wants Miyamoto to resign before the Nintendo 3DS eShop takes off because Miyamoto said that Gameboy advanced games will be coming to the eShop, which means that Mother 3 may have a chance of being released worldwide.

Giygas is a real threat, please share this video to spread awareness!

Reggie said this on APRIL FOOLS DAY: I'm a big "Mother" fan. I have to set the record straight on this topic, because I have seen all of the hate comments. I'm a big "Mother" fan. Huge "Mother" fan. I would love to see "Mother" localized in our market. In fact, I've talked to [Nintendo president] Mr. Iwata about it because this is a game he has some history with. [pauses] But it is not on our announcement schedule. [laughs]

Reggie joined in 2004, there are 8 melodies 2004+8= 2012!

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