>be me

>be 16

>watching Shrek 1

>everyone hates it

>I cry

>but then...

>a warmth approached me

>it was Lord Farquaad

>he was holding Shrek's decapitated head


>I smile

>He laughs

>he tells me to bend over

>I do

>pulls dow my pants

>he shoves his meat log into my rectum

>it hurts so bad

>but I do it for Farquaad

>he feeds me Shrek's eyeball

>it tastes so good

>my anus is bleeding

>Farquaad, the great and wonderful stops fucking me

>I was sad

>Dad walks in

>he is crying

>Farquaad rips his head off

>I'm happy

>Farquaad leaves through the window with my dad's severd head

>Farquaad is love

>Farquaad is life

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