der was a fagget who broke all da rulz, but no mods cared, becsuse dat fagget is a special snowflake. den der was a gai dat brok 1 rul an he got banned 5ever, cuz he called someone 'silly'. da mod'z favirte people were spammin pr0nz links, but day dedent do anythang cuz dat was da modz favrite people. da admans were jerkin hard to da pronz. staff walks in, da staff saw everyone breakin da rulz, but da staff dident ban them becuz da staff loves da chatroom so much but sum gui sed "penus" and got banned 456 years by a mod becuz dat mod hated dat user. den a bcrat came in and da mods staffz got banneded 5ever. den theay unban there selfs and da crats did notjing about eet staff kloses down da chatroom 5evar.

everyone is ded

de ended

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