With Charlotte in my lap, Asagi to my right and Chiho to my left, I'm suffocating. "'t..."

Meanwhile, Keiko is keeping away from the alcohol and Holo is collapsed on the floor. Palutena and Julian's girls are talking about HIM now. I think only Holo is REALLY drunk. I don't think Chiho should've had even one sip of my Dominican Oaks Cabernet Napa 2014, my finest wine at the moment, now depleted 😩 I HAD three bottles, now none thanks to Holo


Asagi Ayase (YOTSUBA&!)

Keiko Ayano (Sword Art Online)

Chiho Sasaki (Devil is a part-time)

Holo the wise wolf (Spice and Wolf)

Charlotte Dunois (Infinite Stratos)

No, I'm not a mormon, but Amagami SS+ Plus shouldn't exist either

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