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• 2/16/2015

Have Fun Wiki Direct 2/15/2015

Welcome to the Have Fun Wiki Direct! A place where I make announcements about upcoming changes to the wiki, and ask what changes and ideas YOU want to see happen. Sit back, relax, and have fun!



The Have Fun Wiki's current list of categories are a problem. Some categories need to be deleted, replaced, renamed, and it's been like this for about a year. So it's time we take action and do something about it.

The following categories need to be replaced (aka they need to replaced by a category similar to it):

  • Action - The title of this category is too bland. Plus, it only has one article in it. Should we replace it or delete it?
  • BLOOD! - I don't really like the title of this category. Should it be in lowcaps, or replaced/renamed to something else? (e.g "Blood/Gore", "Blood!")

The following categories need to be renamed (aka they need a better name):

  • CAPS - I don't feel like the name for this is justified enough. It needs a more creative name.
  • CENSORSHIP - It should be "*CENSORSHIP*
  • Ha Ha Ha, Oh Wow!‏‎ - It should be "Hahaha, Oh Wow!"
  • Mountain of Dialog - The name is OK, but I feel it can be renamed to something more creative.
  • Non Existing Plot - Should it be "Non-Existing Plot", "Plot Non-Existent", "No Plot", or something else?
  • Rant - Needs a more creative name.
  • Recommended Reading‏ - Again, needs a more creative name.
  • Unexpected Ending - A more creative name (like "Didn't See That Coming!").

The following categories will be deleted:

  • Game Grumps - There's really no point to this.
  • Marked for Review - Again, what's the point.
  • People who think they can rap like 2pac‏‎ - Wat.
  • The image categories (Pony Pics, Meme, GIF Moving Image, Funny Picture, etc.) - These categories are meant for images only and not articles. But I feel like they're too confusing, as people think they're also for articles.
  • So Bad Its Good - This isn't really needed.
  • Swearing/Cussing‏‎ - We already have "Tourrets Language".
  • True Story... - This isn't really needed.
  • Troll Grammar - We already have "English Class Disaster" and "Trollpasta".

The following categories need to be created:

  • Blistering Fury! - It could replace the Rant category, or it can be used for stories/articles where someone is extremely pissed-off.
  • Dank Memez - A category for memes.

The following categories need to be more strict (aka the rules for them need to be stricter):

  • WTF - This is used waaay too much.

Pending deletion:

  • That Was Short.. - We already have Special:Shortpages. But idk, should we keep it anyway or make the rules for it more stricter?

Do you guys agree with any of this? PLEASE let me know via a reply.

Imports Ban

Imported articles will be temporarily banned from February 15th to March 15th. Why? Because this wiki needs more exclusive content, and a lot of articles on this wiki can be found on other wikis as well. If you create an imported article, it will be deleted.


More stuff will be added to the homepage. But the only feature I can reveal at the moment is that polls will be added to the homepage soon!

Little Stuff

Small tweaks will be made around the wiki, like MediaWiki files and Badges.



Have Fun Wiki's look is always changing and evolving. But what changes do you want YOU to see to the theme? Is it fine as it is, or should something about it change (e.g the color scheme, link colors, BG, etc.)? Please let me know!

In Conclusion

I really know what you guys think of this stuff, so PLEEEEASE provided me some feedback. Feedback helps this wiki out tremendously, so don't be shy to give a suggestion!

Thank you all for reading, and hope you look forward to the future of Have Fun Wiki!

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• 2/18/2015

Well, whenever I ain't busy with life, I'll get on and help.

• 2/18/2015
Tritnew wrote:
Well, whenever I ain't busy with life, I'll get on and help.

thanx bruh

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