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• 12/9/2014

Chat Theme: Winter Edition

So, I want to make chat look better and make it winter themed, but it's somewhat hard since I'm not editing from a pc...but I can and will edit it to make it better. What I want to know is what shall I do with chat? Give mods special stars? Do we want a wintery/christmasy background in main chat or will it stay as a solid colour? Do we want the background in the userlist changed or no? Give me ideas and I will piece together something for you all.

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Maulle Breezy
• 12/10/2014
I believe we should use icy colors
• 12/11/2014

TheToaMaster wrote: I believe we should use icy colors

Yea, I was thinking that too. If I do a whole plain solid colour thing, the colours will range from blue to purple with white added to it.

• 12/21/2014

For now I am keeping the colours as they are. I may change them, I may not. Depends on when I have time to edit.