You're probably wondering, "why haven't you been editing lately?" Well, it's because I've been thinking of ways to make the wiki appealing to the Creepypasta Wiki crowd. Face it, this wiki only appeals to the Trollpasta Wiki crowd, which is terrible for a number of reasons.

So yeah, here's a list of changes to the wiki, to make it more appealing than before:

  • Slurs are not allowed in chat.
  • No spamming in chat.
  • Don't give random users in chat the ability to kick/ban people.
  • We no longer accept trollpastas, because trollpastas are not funny anymore.
  • My Little Pony is not allowed on the wiki, because MLP is a target for flamebaiting.
  • Articles shorter than 3 paragraphs will get deleted.
  • We no longer accept imported articles/pastas, because we want to encourage users to make OC pastas/articles.
  • Some sort of Quality Standards will be established soon.
  • Articles/pastas with poor spelling and grammar will get deleted on sight.
  • The Mario, Sonic, and Anime galleries will get deleted soon.
  • NSFW pastas/articles will be deleted, because NSFW content gives the wiki a bad name.

Wether you like it or not, these changes are happening, and there's nothing you can do about it. I think these new changes will appeal to the Creepypasta Wiki crowd, which is the audience I was  trying to go for all along.